The project will provide as outcomes to the RTD and industrial communities the white’R integrated solution consisting of two physical demonstrators of a production island realizing (dis)assembly of optoelectronic components enriched with a software infrastructure.

The white’R solution will be realized with regard to the renewable energy systems and material processing laser systems. The identified sectors are currently the most important in the European photonic value chain if it is considered their growth rate and the related economic benefits. The two separate applications will respectively deal with the part families of solar based lightening systems and high power laser diodes for material processing equipment applications.

The software infrastructure consists of 5 software applications integrated in a unique platform.

Mechatronic Lifecycle Configurator is equipped with the P&P modules’ libraries and embeds a mathematical model and a simulation environment that – accordingly to the selectable objective function – determines the White room island preliminary architecture and possible reconfigurations for optimal reuse of the various modules. The configurator also includes the complete configuration of the smart sensing system, i.e. the selection of the devices better marching the island architecture and features as well as the sensor programming.

Automation Lifecycle Configurator oriented to the design, implementation and validation of the control architecture – both hardware and software – to be distributed and deployed on the various equipment modules. The automation configurator will also include the middleware development, thus including the communication and interoperability within the shop-floor.

Evolving Process Planner supporting the process efficiency and LCA by focusing on the phases of fixturing design, pallet configuration, set-up planning and generation of part program.

Shop-Floor Dynamic Production Planner dealing with the entire shop-floor production management by sequencing the part orders, planning the capacity and generating a production schedule for a production environment where white’R island is integrated to the other devices.

Lifecycle Optimizer is double level software module consisting of the run-time component for controlling the island while it is working (closed loop adaptive optimization of control set-points and process parameters) as well as a higher level components dealing with the production optimization and the efficient sinchronization/coordination of the island with the other resources of the shop-floor.