The EU best practice in optoelectronics automatic (dis)assembly.


EU certification roadmapping

Resource efficiency is a must in the development and in the production of white’R island. Any environmental impact will be assessed quantified and optimized to the minimum level, beyond the current technical state of the art. The procedures and methods set to measure/certify life cycle energy consumption will be proposed as benchmark to achieve an Ecolabel for the island as a whole, resulting at the end of the project. The environmental labelling process, will be compliant with ISO 14020 and ISO14024, the ISO 14000 series of environmental standards.


Trades Exhibits

Promotion and diffusion of project in-progress activities and results during photonics related workshops and trades (e.g. Laser World of Photonics, EU PVSEC and Productronica) as well as Robotics Expo.

International Conferences

white’R progress in terms of knowledge and findings will be periodically presented over time to create a constant and continuous information flow towards the potential market. Target events will IEEE, CIRP and ASME sponsored International Conferences.

International Academic and Industrial Journals

white’R relevant results will be also published on peer-reviewed International Journals (such as IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics and Transaction on Robotics and Automation) along with Industrial oriented Magazines (such as Automation World).

An updated list of accepted publications will be made available on this section of the website.


Interest Groups

A specific interest group will be formed in the first 6 months activity of the project, participated by members of academies, industries and associations to establish a European network embracing existing research and production challenges and identifying the future steps to endorse the competitiveness in optoelectronics know-how and high tech solutions.